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What Our Happy Clients Say

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“If you are stuck with your finances and looking for someone who can help Bec is your girl! She completely changed my life

Bec is non-judgemental, very knowledgeable and is magnificent at explaining finances in a way that everyone can understand.

In the 5 months Bec and I have worked together she has helped me eliminate almost $60,000 worth of debt and got me on track to finally saving for my first home. What a transformation!”

Peter Ball

“To anyone looking for help with their finances, I would highly recommend Bec.

She goes above and beyond to help!

Bec is awesome with explaining all aspects from budgeting through to helping with investments, she answered any questions that I had with a huge amount of knowledge.

I have full confidence in Bec to help me with my money for now and well in to the future so that I can achieve my goals.

Excellent service, super easy to get in contact with whenever I have any questions, or enquiries.”

Peter Ball

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bec for around 6mths. She has helped hubby and I clearly see what’s happening with our money & formulate some clear cut goals as well as an automated money plan.  I will continue to work with Bec as she teaches us how to create financial freedom within our goals to live our perfect day, everyday”

Peter Ball

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bec over the past few months to help create a clear and simple plan for our financial goals and responsibilities.

She has been a delight to work with and has helped us immensely. The support she has provided is more than financial planning, her focus on achieving our goals while staying within our personal values is what makes everything feel, just right.

Thank you so much”

Peter Ball

“I couldn’t recommend Bec highly enough! She has helped me so much with setting clear savings goals and organising my finances in a way that I don’t need to ever worry about a bill again! She’s also helped me to dig deeper into some limiting money mindset beliefs. And she’s a genuinely lovely human.

Thank you so much for all your help, Bec!”

Peter Ball

Ben has been great! Easy to talk to guy which makes meetings and talking personal situations and finances not feel awkward; he’s professional, genuine, and transparent. Has also happily answered and given thorough explanations to any questions I’ve had without making me feel silly for asking. In two meetings with him I feel like I’ve learnt a lot and am excited to implement his advice with his continued help.

Peter Ball

Highly recommend Ben! He is full of knowledge and helpful advice and has really helped me put together a plan to achieve my financial goals. Very professional and friendly service.

Jade Harold

Highly recommend Ben, as he’s not only knowledgeable, but very flexible and tailors his advice to what works for me, rather than trying to push me in a specific direction. He’s also able to make complicated financial info able to be understood by someone with limited financial literacy, without making me feel at all stupid or ignorant.

Catherine McTavish

After my first session with Ben I already feel on track to reach my financial goals. Very professional and helpful. Keep up the good work Ben!

Alex Forbes

Ben is extremely knowledgeable and experienced.

Louise Draper