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Welcome to What if Advice and Accounting

We help Individuals, Family’s & Businesses with their financial what ifs.

What if you can grow your wealth, what if you can pay less tax, buy a new home, or retire sooner.

Top 5 Reasons to work with us. (In no particular order):

  1. We focus on strategic advice, not product advice.
  2. We’re Self Licensed – which means we aren’t licensed by a big bank or large corporate, so our advice, is… our advice.
  3. We can help with property! So many advisers won’t, can’t, aren’t allowed to talk about property. So whether you’re a first home buyer, seasoned property investor or retiring with a property portfolio – we can help.
  4. We’re advisers and accountants, so we’re looking at the whole chess board when considering your next strategic move
  5. And if you’re not ready for personal advice, we can still help, check out our videos, join a webinar, or book in for a coaching session.

Say Hello to Your Wealth Advisers

Conaill Keniry

Financial Adviser | Director

Financial Advisor Brisbane & Melbourne

Benjamin Collins

Senior Financial Adviser

Financial Advisor Brisbane & Melbourne

Rebecca Dillon-Hensby

Financial Adviser & Wealth Coach

Why Us?

Because we’re different!

For years, financial advice has been driven by large banks and corporations trying to sell you a product. They’d start with the products you currently have and try to help by switching you over to theirs or products they receive a commission for selling.

This isn’t advice. It’s sales.

As you can tell from our name, we start somewhere different. We start with your what ifs, your goals. We start where you want to start.

Then we take a journey together through a financial strategy that is tangible, beneficial, and sometimes even life-changing.

Why us? Because if you want to take a step past your ‘what ifs’, we want to join you!

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