Rebecca Dillon-Hensby

Financial Adviser & Wealth Coach

Hey, I’m Rebecca but please call me Bec (or else I think I’m in trouble!)

Money can bring us so many possibilities – when you think about it, life is one giant choose-your-own-adventure story! My job is to help you pinpoint exactly where you want to go, and help guide you on how you can use your money to get there as quickly as possible.

About Me...

Rebecca has been a part of the financial services industry for approximately 9 years, learning the ropes working with organisations such as CBA and Wealth Enhancers.

Wanting to better support her clients, Rebecca branched out into the world of money coaching – helping clients to understand why it is that they behave with money the way that they do and cultivate great money management skills to support their needs. Throughout this time Rebecca developed a keen interest in behavioural finance and how money mindset can play a major role in someone’s financial success.

Rebecca’s main focus is in helping clients to connect with what it is that they want for their lives and discover what is important to them. Rebecca provides financial advice to support people in using their money as a tool to bring their goals to fruition.

What my clients say about me

You can be our next success story..

“If you are stuck with your finances and looking for someone who can help Bec is your girl! She completely changed my life Bec is non-judgemental, very knowledgeable and is…
Amanda H

“To anyone looking for help with their finances, I would highly recommend Bec. She goes above and beyond to help! Bec is awesome with explaining all aspects from budgeting through…
Ryen H

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bec for around 6mths. She has helped hubby and I clearly see what’s happening with our money & formulate some clear cut…
Kate C

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bec over the past few months to help create a clear and simple plan for our financial goals and responsibilities. She has…
Megan A

“I couldn’t recommend Bec highly enough! She has helped me so much with setting clear savings goals and organising my finances in a way that I don’t need to ever…
Marnie H