5 Things You Didn’t Know We Could Do… For Free!

Are you looking to make some improvements or decisions with your finances?
The first step is always research – you need to know your current situation, before you can make plans to change it.

Some of this information can be difficult to find, time consuming, or unavailable to the average person.

Here are 5 services we offer completely free that will help you create your ‘current financial snapshot’. 

1. Credit Report:

Applying for loans is getting harder and harder. If you’re concerned about a past debt or are preparing for a big purchase like your first home – getting a credit report is a great first step. We can also talk you through the report if you’re unsure how to read it.

Click here to submit a Credit Report Request

2. Property Reports:

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, it’s difficult to get a valuation. Real Estate agents will do this for free – however then you’re on their mailing list! We can send you a report on a property OR a suburb.

Click here to submit a Property Report Request

3. Lost Super Search:

A recent survey found that ‘89% of people knew they needed to review their super, but didn’t know where to start’. It probably doesn’t help that that ATO removed their ‘lost super search’ webpage. We can let you know what funds you currently hold. The ones you know about, and the ones you may have lost track of. This is the first step in increasing your balance, reducing your fees, and ticking it off your ‘to do’ list.
Click here to submit a Super Search

4. Super Fund Research:

If you already know where your super is, however you’re unsure if it’s good or bad, cheap or expensive, we do what’s called ‘Super Research’. Here we can give you, current balance, current fees, current insurances, and compare it to our benchmarks to see how it compares.
Click here to submit a Super Research request

5.Wealth Portal App:

Excel Spreadsheets aren’t fun! Once you’ve gone to the effort of understand your current financial situation, we can also give you a free app to store it all. You can add of your assets and liabilities to see a high level view of your finances (great for sharing your research with your partner, and then making decisions together). There is also a paid version of the app that allows LIVE data feeds from your banks, so your financial situation is updated and accurate every time you login.
Click here if you’re like us to send you an invitation to our Wealth Portal App

*Live bank feed data not available on this free version

How do you get access to these free services?

Call: 1800 WHAT IF (1800 9428 43)
Email: info@whatifadvice.com.au

Or fill out the appropriate form:

  1. Credit Report Request

  2. Property Report Request

  3. Super Search

  4. Super Research request

  5. Wealth Portal App

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