Financial Advice Fundamentals Workshop

Join others in an online, relaxed group setting and improve your financial situation.

Financial Advice Fundamentals Workshop

Don’t miss this opportunity to come along to our live and free workshop on the fundaments of financial advice. Have the chance to learn about the financial advice process, finance fundamentals and ask questions in a group forum without having to book a one on one meeting.

When: Thursday 3rd August 2023, 5.30pm

Where: Zoom

Cost: Free

Runtime: 45 Minutes

At this event you'll learn about simple yet effective ways to improve your financial situation, learn about common financial strategies and concepts and have the opportunity to ask any questions you like.

Make smarter decisions to balance your cash flow with your needs for the future

Decide whether to pay off your home or invest in shares, property or other investments

Understand how to minimise your tax

Build your super and other assets to fund a retirement that goes the distance

Feel more confident you’ll be able to enjoy the kind of future you have in mind.

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Benjamin has a wealth of experience in the financial services sector through his experience at CBA, AMP and Suncorp.

In 2017, after 4 years working for larger organisations, Benjamin decided to start a boutique financial advice firm to allow him to spend more time with each individual client on their specific goals.

He has a keen interest in helping early accumulators and small business clients on their journey towards financial independence.

Benjamin specialises in helping clients create a solid financial base by ensuring they understand their cash flow, have a retirement fund that meets their need and are financially protected from unforeseen events like illness, injury, death and disability.

Benjamin Collins

Senior Financial Adviser | Director