Saving Ideas: Get up to 50% off your Gym Membership!

Trying to save money and get fit at the same time can be difficult – gyms can be expensive, so we want to help you get 50% off your membership.

There are some things you need to know: 

Which Gyms?

 We can get you discounts at the following gyms:

  • Fitness First
  • Virgin Active
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Step into Life

What do you mean by “Up to”?

The arrangements differ slightly for each gym:

Fitness First – 50% total = 30% discount every month, then get a further 20% when you attend the gym twice a week (24 visits per quarter, 20% cashback paid quarterly)

Virgin Active – 50% total = Flat 50%! You will need to finish you current contract if you’re already a member.

Anytime fitness – 50% discount on sign up fee, 10% discount on your monthly bill, and $100 cashback per quarter (24 visits per quarter) equalling roughly an additional 40%, making your total discount roughly 50%. 

Step into Life – 40% total = Discount on memberships 3 months and longer.

(More details / terms and conditions below) 

Any other benefits?

There sure are!

  • 25% off Garmin products
  • 25% off Fitbit products
  • Hoyts Cinema | Boost Juice | Woolworths | JB HI FI – vouchers available weekly when you’re active.

And heaps more.

How does it work?

Insurance companies are realising they’d rather have fit and healthy people for clients. So they are giving discounts on their insurance premiums AND other ‘health’ benefits like gym memberships to encourage their clients to get active.

To obtain the discount on the above gym memberships you need to have insurance with a particular insurance company.

It can be either private health insurance or the life insurance you likely already have inside your superannuation.


Who does this work for?

People who prioritise their physical health, while also wanting to make the most of your financial future.

1. You’re currently a member OR would like to be a member of the gyms mentioned above.


2. You’re interested in reviewing either your Private Health Insurance OR the Insurance you have inside Superannuation.


What are the next steps to get up to 50% off your gym membership?

Step 1 – Contact us

Step 2 – We’ll have a chat and give you more information about the promotion

Step 3 – Insurance Review (We’ll help you find out if it’s the right option and help you switch)

Step 4 – Head down to the gym to claim your discount!

What is an ‘Insurance Review’?

Insurance reviews are all about making sure that your insurance:

  • Is competitively priced
  • Has the appropriate amount of cover (not too much/not too little)
  • Has the appropriate cover for your life stage
  • Will actually pay out when you want to use it

Private Health Insurance: 

The Private Health Insurance Ombudsman recommends reviewing your policy at least once a year.

Premiums go up every year, so you need to keep insurance companies honest; make sure you have the best deal on the market.

If you don’t have private health insurance, there are Tax incentives, ‘Lifetime health cover loading’ for people over the age of 30, and other points to consider: FAQs here:

Insurance inside Superannuation: 

We all have superannuation, and most have ‘default cover’ of around $300,000 of life and tpd, and pay for it via Superannuation.

A recent CHOICE survey found that, 4 OUT OF 5 people have never analysed the type and amount of insurance that suites their circumstances:

You could be OVER insured if:

  • You have multiple Super funds, with multiple default cover
  • You don’t have kids, or don’t feel like you need life insurance
  • You’ve met your retirement goals and have investments to support your financial commitments

You could be UNDER insured if:

  • You can’t survive without your income – (your default cover won’t be enough!)
  • You have substantial amounts of debt (mortgage, car loans, personal loans, credit cards etc)
  • You have children and would like them to be supported in the event you become ill/injured/pass away

*These are just potential reasons you could be over/under insured, a full ‘insurance needs analysis’ is recommended as there may be factors you haven’t considered when deciding how much insurance you need.

Extra Information

Fitness First:

  • You can apply the discount to the Passport, Platinum or Black label membership fees.
  • You will have access to all Fitness First clubs available to you under your membership access tier immediately after the activation.
  • In addition to the discounted monthly fee, if you attend a Fitness First club 24 times per quarter you’ll get20% cash back. That’s only twice a week, and more money in your back pocket.

Virgin Active:

  • You can enjoy the 50% discount on the Active Me Flexible membership fees.
  • There is a minimum commitment of 4 weeks for every new Virgin Active Active Me Flexible membership, and members will be billed every 2 weeks after the 4 weeks commitment.
  • You will have access to Virgin Active immediately after the activation and you will be able to access any of the Virgin Active health clubs in Australia.
  • If you have an existing Virgin Active membership you will need to finish your existing contract before taking out a new one at the discounted rate.

Anytime Fitness:

  • 10% off the club’s membership price when you sign up for a 12 month membership.
  • You will also receive 50% off the standard club joining fee.
  • Standard gym key fee applies. The membership gym key allows you access to any of our 460 clubs or 3500 clubs worldwide after 31 days in the home club.
  • The membership price varies by club as clubs are independently owned and operated. Clubs will charge what is considered reasonable and appropriate as you have you have a variety of clubs to choose from.
  • Work out 24 separate days in a rolling 91-day period and you’ll receive $100 cashback per quarter.
  • After the initial 12 month term, the membership will move to a month to month agreement which can be terminated with a 31 day notice. You still enjoy all the benefits stated above.
  • Usage of all international gym locations will not contribute to cashback or additional benefits.

Step into Life:

  • Step into Life offers 7 different training programs and session fees are based on the number of times per week. Infinity offers the best rates. With Step into Life you have the following training options:
  • Base – 1 x session per week
  • Ascent – 2 x sessions per week
  • Infinity – Unlimited training per week
  • You need to pay a once-off lifetime $60 membership fee for the Base and Ascent options. The Infinity option has no membership fee.
  • You enjoy the 40% discount on the monthly training fees.
  • Step into Life has a 3 month minimum membership term and thereafter your membership is monthly and fees are payable on the 1st of the month.
  • If you join part way through the month you will pay pro rata for that month.
  • The monthly training fee may differ based on selected branch or location.
  • You will have access to Step into Life immediately after the activation.
  • If you have an existing Step into Life membership you will only be able to take advantage of this benefit when your current contract with Step into Life comes to an end.

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